About Us

Dave in a WorkshopAt the core of Team Rhythm Programs is a belief that rhythm can create an environment where engagement and awareness are elevated: And from that newly created space, more conscious connections among participants are fostered. That belief is not held more strongly than by owner and lead presenter, Dave Holland.

As a musician, Dave has always been keenly interested in how music can create a direct tie to a one’s culture, history and beliefs; and how similarities in music can create a bridge of understanding into someone else’s cultural background. Dave has traveled the world, including Brazil, Cuba, West Africa, and Turkey to study world drumming & culture. He has combined his background in theatre with his love for children to create a long and successful career as a Teaching Artist. As a facilitator, keynote speaker, and presenter of adult learning programs, Dave continues to draw on his diverse experiences to create programs that are uplifting, engaging, & memorable!